We are: Lauren, Lauren, Paula, Jamie-Lee and Isha and together we look after our youngest children. We offer a home from home environment matching the babies normal routines. We work on building new important relationships, as babies bond with staff and play alongside other children. There are daily experiences of sensory and messy play activities. We track and guide them through the developmental stages of EYFS. All activities are planned, based on the children's next steps and interest's alongside encouraging and promoting independence within the daily routine building on confidence and self esteem.


The team in our Parrots' room are Leanne W, Angie, Jess and Alannah. With experience across all of the setting, the staff in Parrots' are fantastic at supporting children with their transitions throughout the nursery. We put a huge emphasis on fun, as we believe that the children learn best from being happy in their play. Through our Key Worker system, the team are able to build positive relationships with our children and their families. 

" We know hundreds of songs and rhymes and can recite all of the Gruffalo without even looking at the book. We can even take you on a magical bear hunt "


We are: Jeanette, Danielle, Katie and Natalia. Our activities range from small world, construction, mark-making, creative to malleable. Supporting you and your child with potty training is also a big part of our focus. Our day can range from outdoor play to focused group times or daily Yoga and mindfulness.  


Hi, we are Jodi, Jess, Toni, Lauren and Megan and together we support the children's development and transition to school. We provide a range of activities to support their personal growth, including : cooking, use of a Tech. table, P.E. on a Thursday and Friday with our sports coach (Sam) along with show and tell days which develops the children's confidence within a group environment. We have free flow snack and a drinks station available all day. Meal times are about promoting independence and self selection, this is supported by the children's role's as lunch time monitors.  The Pre-School room has an optional uniform, whilst this isn't compulsory it helps to prepare the children for their school journey. It wouldn't be unusual to find us after tea having some well-being and mindfulness time. This could include lower lighting, gentle music and generally creating a calmer end to our busy day.