Our Pre-school

About us

Here at Phoenix Park Pre-school, our aim is to create an environment in which your children can learn and play, alongside preparing them for their important next steps in life. Using connections with our local schools, we have been exploring how the children will be learning phonics, what their daily routines might look like and the types of activities they might experience throughout their day. With the support and guidance from full-time teacher, we hope to create a space which is going to allow a smooth and enjoyable transition to school.

Meet our team

What we do

The children at our pre-school nursery will engage in a range of child-initiated and adult-initiated activities, whilst beginning to learn Stage 1 phonics. We aim to communicate openly with parents, having regular catch ups to discuss progress, whilst also really encouraging our families to get involved in home learning! We understand that school can be a huge transition for both children and parents, and we hope to use our knowledge and experience to make it as 'worry-free' as possible! 

About our Phonics

We love to hear from our families about what they are getting up to at home! This helps us to learn more about the children's time at home and what they are enjoying! With this, we are able to expand the children's knowledge within the setting based on their interests. 

If you are a parent/carer of a child in one of our settings, why not join our private Facebook groups to see what your children are getting up to at Nursery, and share what they are enjoying at home.