Our Curriculum


Here at Phoenix Park Nursery Ltd. we have worked hard to create an engaging, inspiring and effective curriculum for the children. With a focus on cultral capital, we gather information about the little ones in our care to ensure we build on their experiences and create a stronger sense of identity.


We have 6 Curricular Goals at both of our settings based on the children, their backgrounds and the local area.

1. Settle in and become increasingly confident. (Nuthall and Giltbrook)
2. Create your own story. (Nuthall and Giltbrook)
3. Plant seeds and confidently comment/observe them as they grow. (Nuthall and Giltbrook)
4. Sign 'Hello' 'Goodbye' 'Please and 'Thank you' along with other relevant phrases in Makaton. (Nuthall and Giltbrook) 
5. Write your own name. (Nuthall)
5. Write a letter and post it in our local post box. (Giltbrook)
6. Learn to ride a balance bike. (Nuthall and Giltbrook)

Our planning

Using our curriculur goals we created a curriculum that encompassed all of our children's core values. The curriculum is divided into terms which is then subdivided into each week of the term. The headings have been designed to ensure staff can plan activities that will give the children a vast range of experieces and learn new skills to take with them on their next adventure!

Pre-school Manager and EYFS Lead 

Rhianne has 8 years child care experiene and has recently completed her PGCE in Primary Education. Rhianne's role is to continuously review the settings' planning and curriculum to ensure a high standard across the nursery.